Nazi’s, Donuts and Facebook … Oh My!

Facebook is a cesspool. Did you know that? I knew that, but I knew it somewhere in the back of my mind, some place where I didn’t really consider it much, but it always lurked there. In other words, logically I knew Facebook (and social media) is a cesspool of trolls and cruelty, but I […]

If You Are Offended, Check Your Privilege

I don’t know if I’m your flavor, but … It was those words that got my attention when my future husband first emailed me on an online dating site. His words got my attention, and I found his way of finding out if I dated outside my race charming and kind. He left me a […]

Making Choices: Why You Can’t Make Someone Make Good Choices

I am feeling frustrated. There are a lot of reasons for that frustration, but one of the big ones is watching people consistently make bad choices. At this point, you can just look online and pick any one bad choice: Not wearing a mask because you think it’s a conspiracy to take way your rights […]

More Thoughts From a Pandemic

I was thinking this week that I have heard a lot online and in the transcription work I do that people are having a hard time working from home. My husband and I were chatting and realized that this part for us is easy. We both work at home (he as an artist, me as […]

Thoughts From a Pandemic

I’m in Rhode Island, and while we’re aren’t being ordered (yet anyway) to shelter in place, nor am I quarantined, I am doing my best to stay home and avoid social situations. As an introvert, I’ve been training for this my entire life. Seriously though, I have ranged between overwhelming anxiety and a feeling normalcy […]

What To Do During a Pandemic if You Have Anxiety

First off, STAY HOME. I can 100% promise that you do not need to go to that bar or the mall. Yes, I feel terrible for saying that because I know that small businesses are going to suffer, but it’s just common sense. Okay, now, let’s move onto some ideas I’ve had about trying to […]

Diversity vs. Quality: The Ultimate Battle

Some of you may remember that a while back Stephen King fell into the trap that so many fall into these days, he Tweeted what he thought was an innocuous remark, only to discover that the world can instantly turn on you and decide you are racist, sexist, homophobic, or every other thing they can […]

An Unexpected Delight During The Super Bowl Halftime Show

I am going to start by saying, I don’t watch football. I don’t care who was in the Super Bowl or who won it. I didn’t even really care who was in the halftime show. Today, on the Monday after the game, I was talking to my physical therapist and they were all talking about […]