What I Offer:

Transcription & Writing Services

I am a writer and a transcriptionist. I love words and I love helping companies put together a transcription of their audio — be it a podcast, interview, or whatever — and turn it into a readable transcript for everyone to enjoy.

Let’s face it, in today’s world we all want to be found online. To do that, we have to embrace SEO, and to do that you have to have a transcript for your audio or video.

I can help!

Contact me for rates: I have per page and per audio minute rates.

Writing Services

I do freelance work in various fields and cannot wait to discuss your project and how WE can make it amazing.

I have done ghostwriting in humor, relationships, erotica and fantasy. I have also written a number of short pieces for real estate websites to help market local business to people new to an area.

I have also self-published numerous books in the horror, fantasy genre, as well as a biography/self-help type of book. All of my novels can be found at Amazon on my Author Page.

How to Find Me:





Services Offered

*Proofreading of both traditional novels and comic books


*Minor editing work

Pricing and Other Information


Definition (to set expectations):

First, Proofreading is not the same as editing.

Second, Proofreading is the process of reviewing the final draft of a piece of writing to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. -Definition courtesy of scribendi.com

What you get when you hire me to proofread:

  • Your digital manuscript emailed back to you.
  • Changes made using the Track Changes feature
  • Objective corrections

What I don’t do: 

  • Transfer of your manuscript to digital media
  • Explanation of objective corrections
  • Research or fact-checking
  • Ghostwriting or rewriting (see below for those services)

When do you need a proofreader?

After your manuscript has completed multiple rounds of edits and is ready for publication. You should have your manuscript proofread after edits and before it goes to press.

On average, $4 per thousand words (rounded up to the nearest thousand).

All documents must be received as a .doc, .docx. 

Comic Book Proofreading

What I do:
A final check for punctuation and typographical errors.

What you get when you hire me:

  • Changes noted in a Word document that will be emailed
  • Changes will be laid out by page number.
  • Objective corrections

What I don’t do:

  • Transfer of your manuscript to digital media
  • Explanation of objective corrections
  • Research or fact-checking
  • Ghostwriting or rewriting (see below for those services)

When should you have this done?

When your comic book is ready for publication. This means it has already been edited (possibly multiple times) and is ready to go to press.

On average, $30 per issue (up to 28 pages), $1 for each additional page. 

All comic books must be received as a .pdf with art, or was a .doc or docx file if in script format.

Ghostwriting Services

What is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is when you have an amazing idea, but you need some help and/or guidance writing the full novel. I am who you ask to help with that. You get all the credit, I do most of the work.

What I do:

  • Ghost edit your manuscript for minor errors
  • Ghost proofreading
  • Objective corrections/additions
  • Write your full manuscript using notes given to me by you
  • Email your digital manuscript back to you upon completion of first draft

What I don’t do:

  • Research or fact-checking
  • Formatting of your manuscript

When should you have this done?

Whenever you have a great story you need assistance telling!

Depends on length of manuscript as well as time allowed for completion. Email me for quotes.

Included in any pricing is two drafts – any additional drafts will incur additional fees.

Ghostwriting is a collaborative process between you, the client, and me, the writer. You must be available via email to discuss your book, comic, or other manuscript.

All manuscripts or notes must be sent in .doc or .docx files.

All payments for projects must include the following:

  • At least one comp copy of your book or the book that your story is included in. If you are publishing only in a digital format, a digital copy will suffice.
  • Credit given on any crowdfunding platform that you may use to bring your project to print. 
  • Credit given on any social media used to market your work.
  • One half of payment must be received at the start of the project. I will not start work on your project until half is paid via PayPal (along with any PayPal fees). The other half will be due at project completion, again via PayPal, with you taking on any PayPal fees.  
  • Payments are nonrefundable.
  • By hiring me for any project, it is understood that you agree to these terms.

Author JL Metcalf in her non-native habitat of being photographed.

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