Shadow is my page mascot.

Shadow is a cat.

Shadow is more awesome than any of us.

So why is she the page mascot you may be asking – even though once you see that fuzzy face and arresting green eyes there is no question why – she is the perfect spokesmodel cat.

She is equal parts feisty, sassy, and adorable. She gives zero f’s about what her humans are doing if they aren’t feeding her treats or massaging her rump.

Her days are filled with naps, yelling at her human owners, more naps, and jumping on her humans while they slumber.

She is diabolical.

My page mascot Shadow is a foul beast hellbent on attacking her foes with paw swipes, dignified postures and purrs (volume up for full effect)!

Beware her fuzzy wrath by buying some books or photos!

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