Photograph Prints For Sale – Various

Photograph Prints – Various

Each photograph is 8x10 and comes signed (on the back) in a plastic sleeve and cardboard backing to protect during shipping. Shipping is via USPS and can be calculated before buying - just shoot me an email at to estimate costs.


Dawn Seed by JL Metcalf

"The Last Daughter of Lilith: The Dawn Seed" is an epic tale about good and evil. It is a tale about magic and the history of the world. It’s about Gods and Demons. It is about fallen angels and flawed humanity. It begins in the present day but delves deep back into the beginning of time as we discover the origins of Lilith herself, along with her cohort Adam and an evil beyond all comprehension. The sequel to "The Last Daughter of Lilith","The Dawn Seed" brings full circle the story of Katrina and her quest to find peace and love with Matthias while also finally getting the final piece of the puzzle as to who she truly is.


Coming Undone: Musings on Life, Love and Hobbits by JL Metcalf

Coming Undone is a personal memoir about my search for love, happiness and peace of mind. Finding love in this digital age isn't easy, here I offer my journey to help others persevere. There are no easy steps to happiness. It is attainable, if only you have the courage to find it.


The Last Daughter of Lilith by JL Metcalf

In Katrina's ordinary world everything has a place and there is an order to life. In one day her orderly life is completely shattered. Her parents disappear, a handsome man shows up at her doorstep and she comes face-to-face with a world she also assumed didn't exist. She begins to confront her demons (both literal and figurative) while gearing up to fight a battle that will decide the fate of both her new family and the rest of humanity.


Menagerie of the Weird by JL Metcalf

A collection of weird tales centered around the places and people of Rhode Island from the author of "The Last Daughter of Lilith" and "Coming Undone: Musings on Life, Love & Hobbits." Join author J.L. Metcalf as she takes you through a world of murder, mayhem and mystery.


I also have an ETSY page with photographs, artwork by artist Frankie B. Washington, and MORE!

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